Great software requires thoughtful strategy, creative design, and cutting-edge engineering. We provide all three—and more. Learn about our services below.

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Strategy & Planning
User Story Workshop
Our User Story Workshop is a collaborative discovery experience that helps you quickly scope a project based on business and end-user needs.
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User Research Workshop
In Grio’s User Research Workshop, we'll discuss and list the assumptions you are making about your users today. After defining our list of assumptions, we will prioritize them and select methods and techniques for validating them against real users. Together, we will develop a concrete strategy for validating these hypotheses and learning more about your users.
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User Testing Workshop
During Grio’s User Testing Workshop, we will identify the testing techniques best suited for testing your designs, and come up with a list of hypotheses. We’ll work collaboratively to generate a test plan and talk about how to roll it out.
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Experience Design
UI/UX Design
We apply modern UX/UI methods and principles to ensure that the products we build are intuitive, elegant, and easy to use.
Visual Design
Great products are visually cohesive as well as functionally sound. Through intelligent application of imagery, color, shapes, and typography, we can improve user experience and reinforce your brand identity.
Prototyping is a low-cost, low-commitment way to test a product concept. Prototypes can be used to pitch ideas to investors and executives, as well as to support user testing.
Engineering & Implementation
Architecture Workshop
In Grio's Architecture Workshop, we’ll discuss tradeoffs and options related to data storage, performance, scalability, stability, security, messaging, technology preferences, technical risks, and much more. Together we'll make decisions in the context of your short and long term business goals, change cases, and projections for growth.
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APIs Workshop
In our APIs Workshop, we’ll spend time upfront to ensure that all parts of your system understand how to talk to each other. Led by a Grio architect, we’ll work with your technical and product teams to identify all the critical communication channels used in the system.
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Backend Systems & Databases
Server-side components are an important element of most software products. We build custom APIs, system integrations, data storage solutions and more.
iOS, Android, Web Apps
Web and mobile apps are now an essential part of doing business in any industry. We’ve built large, small, and in-between apps for hundreds of companies, providing complete, streamlined solutions for your users.
Infrastructure & Launch
At the end of the day, your software needs to live somewhere. We leverage robust cloud-based hosting solutions, and rely on continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) to tighten the feedback loop so we can ship high-quality products faster.
Performance Tuning & Monitoring
Before your product goes live, you need to know that it can handle peak loads. We use modern tooling and metrics to identify and remove bottlenecks, ensuring a smooth launch and great lifelong performance.


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