The foundation for everything we do.

  • Passion
    Passion manifests itself in a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude, a genuine interest in the work being done, and a strong desire for success.


  • Excellence
    Clients come to Grio to do things they can’t do themselves, and have high expectations. We aspire to be our personal best at what we do.


  • Curiosity
    Curiosity separates the great from the merely capable. Without curiosity, there can be no learning or transformation. Passion is the engine that keeps us growing, but curiosity steers the wheel.


  • Empathy
    We put ourselves in the position of our clients, software end-users, and fellow Grio team members, in order to provide better experiences for all these groups.


  • Persistence
    Many times we struggle with tough problems and encounter a lot of failure. Persistence gets us through those tough times and leads us to solutions.


Our History

In 2008, San Francisco-based software developers Brad Johnson and Doug Kadlecek picked up their first contract to build an online newspaper and publishing platform. As their business grew, Brad and Doug expanded the Grio team to take on larger, more complex projects with an emphasis on collaboration, transparency, and positivity.

Today, Grio has three offices (San Francisco, Mexico City, and Salt Lake City) and over 50 developers, designers, product and project managers, and QA engineers. Although most employees work from one of our offices, we also have remote teammates spread across 5 states and 4 countries. We’re always looking for more fun, talented folks to join us.

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Our History
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