User Testing Workshop

Time Commitment: 1 working day

What is it?

How do you build a product that users will love? By testing!

At Grio, we use a variety of tools and techniques for testing such as paper and online prototyping, eye tracking, first click tests, interviews, and more. The goal is to hone in on a product design that truly helps users' lives. By quickly figuring out what is working and weeding out what is not, we can empower users and save time and money.

During the User Testing Workshop, we will identify the testing techniques best suited for your project, and come up with a list of hypotheses. We’ll work collaboratively to generate a test plan and talk about how to roll it out.

After the workshop, we’ll synthesize all the information gathered and use that to create a prototype that can be used to validate our hypotheses with potential users. We’ll recruit people for testing, and conduct the tests. The results of the tests will help us refine our designs to make sure that we are building something truly amazing for your users.

Next Steps:

  • Technical Definition

    Technical Definition

  • Concept Prototype

    Concept Prototype

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What You Get

Clickable or Paper Application Prototype

Clickable or Paper Application Prototype

  • Web or mobile app prototype
Test Results

Test Results

  • Video recording of test sessions
  • Written notes
User Testing Analysis Document

User Testing Analysis Document

  • Summarized findings
  • Recommendations for next steps

A Few of Our Clients

Grio has worked with over a hundred clients on hundreds of projects. Here are a few names you might recognize:

User Testing Workshop