User Story Workshop

Time Commitment: 1-2 working days

"Grio's workshop enabled us to brainstorm options, determine what was needed and what we could effectively deliver for our clients."

Pat O'Donnell

Young Williams

What is it?

Too often, entrepreneurs want to dive headlong into building their latest concept. Not so fast - you could be building the wrong thing! The smart approach is to evaluate, stretch, and prune your ideas with a team of experts before committing valuable time and money to a product build. The Grio User Story Workshop is a collaborative discovery experience that helps you quickly scope a project based on business and end-user needs.

This workshop facilitates rapid idea generation through structured conversation and is based on Design Thinking. We’ll assemble a cross-functional team of Grio’s design leads, senior engineers, and seasoned product managers to collaborate with your key stakeholders. Together we will brainstorm, whiteboard, sticky-note, and ideate our way to the right set of product requirements for your MVP.

During the workshop, we’ll use a variety of tools and methods including Lean UX Canvas, User Identification, and Stakeholder Needs. Finally, we will define high-level user stories, called epics. These answer the following questions:

  • Who has a need?
  • What do they need?
  • Why do they need it?
  • How can a product fulfill that need?

There is no commitment attached to this workshop - you are not obligated to use our services to design and build the product. In fact, the outputs of the workshop are standard Agile development artifacts that can be used by another agency or Grio to create your product.

Next Steps:

  • User Research

    User Research

  • Journey Maps

    Journey Maps

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What You Get

User Story Backlog

User Story Backlog

  • Ordered by priority
  • In Jira or another tool of your choice
  • Can be used by any design or dev team
Product Analysis Document

Product Analysis Document

  • Product overview, users, and their goals
  • User stories, categorized by functional area
  • High-level project plan
  • Recommendation for next steps
Data Definition Doc

Data Definition Doc

  • Names and descriptions of key data fields
  • Data associations and relationships
  • Living document through the course of the project

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User Story Workshop