User Research Workshop

Time Commitment: 1 working day

What is it?

You think you know your user, but what if you're wrong? 

Software takes time and money to build. Before launching into development, you want to make sure that you are making your users' lives easier. How? By validating your assumptions against observations, interviews, and hard data.

In the User Research Workshop, we'll discuss and list the assumptions you are making about your users today. How does your product solve users' needs? What are potential barriers to adoption? What are the specific traits, preferences, and behaviors of your user? 

After defining our list of assumptions, we will prioritize them and select methods and techniques for validating them against real users. Together, we will develop a concrete strategy for validating these hypotheses and learning more about your users.

The kind of thinking facilitated by Grio's User Research Workshop is critical before embarking on any high-stakes product development. This workshop is a natural follow-on to the Grio User Story Workshop.

Next Steps:

  • Technical Definition

    Technical Definition

  • Concept Prototype

    Concept Prototype

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What You Get

User Research Synopsis Document

User Research Synopsis Document

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Demographic information
  • User Personas
User Journey Map

User Journey Map

  • Visualize main user flows
  • Identify key interactions and touchpoints
Interview and Survey Questions

Interview and Survey Questions

  • Use to confirm research hypotheses

A Few of Our Clients

Grio has worked with over a hundred clients on hundreds of projects. Here are a few names you might recognize:

User Research Workshop