Architecture Workshop

Time Commitment: 1 working day

What is it?

You can't build a house without plans, and software is no different.

Behind every successful software product is a well-considered, thoughtful architecture. In Grio's Architecture Workshop, we’ll start by discussing tradeoffs and options related to data storage, performance, scalability, stability, security, messaging, technology preferences, technical risks, and much more. Together we'll make decisions in the context of your short and long term business goals, change cases, and projections for growth.

Today's world of technology is vast, and the wrong choice can waste money and time. Don't make architectural choices on the fly. You can avoid mistakes by taking the time to collaborate with a team of experts. Together we can design the right technical foundation for your product and for your business.

Grio's Architectural workshop is strongly recommended for all products prior to software development and coding. 

Next Steps:

  • API Contract Definition

    API Contract Definition

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What You Get

Systems Architecture Document

Systems Architecture Document

  • Description of system components
  • Technology selection
  • Hosting options
  • 3rd party services
  • Monitoring and analytics
High-Level Architecture Diagram

High-Level Architecture Diagram

    Database Schema

    Database Schema

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