API Definition Workshop

Time Commitment: 1 working day

What is it?

Spending time upfront to ensure that all parts of a system understand how to talk to each other can make the difference between a successful software project and a failed one.

In our APIs Workshop, we’ll do just that. This workshop is led by a Grio architect, who works collaboratively with your technical and product teams to identify all the critical communication channels used in the system. These include:

  • Applications to device/firmware communications
  • Firmware to server communications
  • Application to server communications
  • Server to server communications
  • 3rd party integrations

An upfront agreement on basic contracts of communication between the various systems involved in a software project is extremely important. These contracts enable all parties involved in development to build systems with confidence.

Next Steps:

  • Build Your MVP

    Build Your MVP

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What You Get

API Definitions Document

API Definitions Document

  • All needed endpoints for the system
  • Input parameters and output data for all calls
Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary

  • List of all data fields in APIs
API Summary Document

API Summary Document

  • Holistic overview of API structure and organization
  • Recommendations for next steps

A Few of Our Clients

Grio has worked with over a hundred clients on hundreds of projects. Here are a few names you might recognize:

API Definition Workshop