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We drive positive change with nonprofit & higher education applications

For over 15 years, clients have trusted Grio to provide the technical expertise and strategic guidance needed to create custom applications that enable them to make a meaningful difference in their communities. From volunteer management systems and outreach platforms to applications for higher education, Grio has collaborated closely with clients to design and develop applications that maximize their impact and fulfill their mission. Read on for descriptions of just some of the apps Grio has built for Nonprofits.

SIMPL - Surgical Training App Design & Development

  • UX/UI design, native iOS & Android development for an assessment framework

The SIMPL app provides a comprehensive platform for assessments, allowing surgical trainees to receive timely feedback, track their progress, and identify areas for improvement. Over the years, Grio has designed and developed multiple new features for the app, including both native iOS and Android versions, as well as the backend server APIs & admin. Grio's most recent contribution has been working on a full app redesign as well as laying out a long term release strategy for the app that maximizes growth and usability.

Grio designed and developed SIMPL's iOS and Android mobile application and backend servers

UC Santa Barbara - Chemical Analysis App MVP UX/UI, Design & Development

  • UI/UX design & development for a digital chemical analysis tool

The Chemical Lifecycle Collaborative (CLiCC) tool is a groundbreaking application that analyzes and educates users about the intricate life cycle of chemicals in our environment. With funding from a grant provided by the US EPA, the UCSB team deeply understood the science behind what they wanted to build, but didn’t have the design or development expertise to carry out their product vision. The Grio team was brought on board to define, design, and build the MVP version of the CLiCC product. Grio project managers and designers engaged in an in-depth exploration of the project's requirements, enabling us to craft meticulous wireframes and designs for this complex tool. Grio developers built the application in React for a scalable and maintainable system. The CLiCC product was launched in 2018 and continues to provide rapid, high-throughput screening of life-cycle impacts for new chemicals.

Grio designed and developed the MVP version of a web-based chemical analysis tool

Ambassador - Donation/Petition App MVP UX/UI, Design & Development

  • High-fidelity designs and prototypes and an MVP product launch

Ambassador provides non-profits a modern, digital way to solicit donations and signatures for petitions. The app gamifies the advocate experience, motivating and encouraging users to support a cause and seek out others to take action with them. Grio designed Ambassador from the ground up, producing detailed UI/UX wireframes and high fidelity design mockups. Our collaboration with the client produced a result that considered ease of use, scannability, delightful interaction, and pleasing visual design. Grio developed a prototype which succeeded in unlocking funding and the client returned to us to fully develop an MVP for their first release.

Design and prototype for Ambassador mobile application MVP

Lend for Peace - Microlending Website UX/UI, Design & Development

  • UX/UI design & web development for a microlending website

Grio built the Lend for Peace website, which allows donors to lend money to impoverished families and communities in the Middle East.

Grio website development for the Lend for Peace website

Promise - Bail Reform MVP Android App Design & Development

  • Native Android application to help reduce prison populations

Driven by the recognition that our criminal justice system is inherently flawed, Promise embarked on a mission to create a technology-enabled care platform that would support participants in avoiding pretrial incarceration. Grio proudly partnered with Promise to bring their vision to life, collaborating closely to design and develop the MVP version of their transformative Android application. By combining our expertise in user-centered design and cutting-edge development practices, we delivered a solution that enables individuals to navigate the complexities of the justice system with greater ease.

C3 Pathfinder - Data Discovery MVP Web App Design & Development

  • React plugin & Wordpress backend for a higher education data discovery tool

C3 Pathfinder is a data discovery tool for states, career counselors, and eventually students. The tool outlines specific skills and links them together so that a student/participant can see how their skills can be built upon to earn related, stackable skills that will transition to higher-skilled, higher paying jobs (the “pathway”). The Grio team was brought on board to build out the MVP version of the application, to be deployed across Alabama community colleges. After defining product requirements, we built the initial iteration of the app as a React plugin with a Wordpress backend. C3 Pathfinder now has an MVP that college administrators can use in the field and give feedback on, and a robust platform for future growth. Grio’s contributions have allowed C3 Pathfinder to start rolling out the application throughout the Alabama Community College system, with an ultimate goal of expanding nationwide.

Grio developed the C3 Pathfinder web application, a data discovery tool for career counselors

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