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At Grio, we understand the potential benefits that technology can provide for healthcare professionals, patients, and stakeholders, as well as the unique challenges that exist within the industry. From patient & provider portals to medical device apps, our development and design teams have a wide range of healthcare application expertise. Read on for descriptions of just some of the healthcare & medical device products Grio has built.

Ceribell Device IOT Platform Design and Development

  • Design and development for an FDA-approved clinician web portal

Ceribell tapped Grio to build a medical-grade IoT platform for their novel electroencephalogram (EEG) device. Ceribell’s EEG device turns brainwaves into sounds, allowing front-line medical professionals, such as nurses and ER doctors, to quickly diagnose seizures and other brain function anomalies. The Grio team designed and built Ceribell’s FDA-approved cloud-based EEG system, the first of its kind. The Ceribell system is now used in clinical settings across the country to detect ongoing seizures, making EEGs more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective.

Grio designed and built the first of its kind medical IoT clinician web portal for Ceribell

Stride Health App Design

  • Consumer web and mobile app UX/UI design assistance

Stride Health is the leader in portable benefits for independent workers, offering access to health insurance plans and easy-to-use tools to help people find coverage and put their plans to use. Grio designers embedded within the Stride Health team to design web and mobile features for Stride Health’s consumer site, as well as tools for insurance brokers. After our initial three-month engagement ended, Grio designers were brought back a few months later to help Stride Health stay on top of their timelines and meet their goals.

Grio provided UI/UX design for health insurance web and mobile app

Elemeno Health App Design and Development

  • Application UX/UI redesign and React development for a scalable data architecture

The Elemeno app enables nurses and other hospital staff to easily access and disseminate standard operating procedures within hospital organizations. Elemeno had previously released a working product that they needed to take to the next level. To get there, they partnered with Grio to do a visual and UX redesign, along with front-end development work for the core screens and flows. The cleaned-up and streamlined redesign dramatically improved user experience throughout the application. Elemeno users are now able to find the information they need quickly and efficiently. The new design will also scale to accommodate a new data architecture planned for a future rollout.

Design and Front-end Development for Elemeno Healthcare App

Percept Wearable Device App

  • Companion iOS and Android app development for a wearable device

Percept was founded in 2013 with the goal of advancing human vision, perception, and performance through technology. Percept came to Grio for help developing the MVP versions of their iOS and Android applications. Grio worked with the Percept team to understand their business goals and propose a solution that would be a companion to the Percept wearable device. Our team designed and developed beautiful and intuitive iOS and Android applications that connect to the user's wearable device.

Grio designed and developed the iOS and Android applications for bluetooth connected application

Twist Bioscience Platform Development

  • Python script development for a biotechnology company

Twist Biosciences’ DNA-based tools have enabled researchers across numerous scientific disciplines to achieve groundbreaking discoveries. Twist turned to Grio developers for help writing Python scripts for their phage detection platform.

Grio provided Python script development for biotech firm Twist Biosciences

Enspectra Health IoT Tablet App Design and Development

  • IoT tablet app design and development for a medical device

Enspectra Health is pioneering virtual biopsies. The Grio team was tasked with building a tablet application for their non-invasive skin biopsy solution. The goal was to create an easy-to-use product, allowing a clinician to capture and review images on a tablet while scanning the patient using an Enspecta wand. The app enabled Enspectra to pass its initial clinical trial, as well as numerous testing phases. Grio’s contributions have moved Enspectra closer to its ultimate goal of FDA approval and adoption in the dermatology medical field.

Medical IoT Development for Enspectra Healthcare App

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