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At Grio, we understand the unique opportunities and challenges associated with developing applications for connected devices. From connected commercial hardware to smart home technology, we have experience with a wide range of IoT software applications. Read on for descriptions of just some of the IoT and smart home apps Grio has designed and built.

Fitbit Fitness Tracking App Development

  • Development for Android and iOS IoT fitness tracking apps

Fitbit is the industry leader in activity trackers and wireless-enabled wearable technology. Since 2016, Grio has provided mobile software development assistance for Fitbit, contributing to a wide range of iOS and Android initiatives. Grio has played a major role in numerous Fitbit features, products, and releases, including multiple new device launches, payment integration, sleep & wellness tracking, onboarding, and subscription management.

IOT Android and iOS development for Grio client, Fitbit

Daikin HERO Cloud Application Design

  • Design for a real-time multi-platform monitoring application

The Daikin HERO Cloud is a responsive application created to visualize data from indoor units (IDUs) and outdoor units (ODUs), and remotely troubleshoot errors and alarms. The app works in tandem with Daikin HERO hardware devices attached to rooftop units (RTUs). The Grio team designed the HERO Cloud application from the ground up, beginning with user testing and in-depth interviews to gather information regarding user motivations, highest priority tasks, and current challenges. The app now offers 20+ unique features, including multi-site remote monitoring, live equipment data visualization, ODU and IDU refrigerant flow animation, and alarm notifications for troubleshooting, with more to come as Grio continues to design future versions of HERO Cloud.

Application Design for Daikin's Hero Cloud Application

Ceribell Device IOT Platform Design and Development

  • Design and development for an FDA-approved clinician web portal

Ceribell tapped Grio to build a medical-grade IoT platform for their novel electroencephalogram (EEG) device. Ceribell’s EEG device turns brainwaves into sounds, allowing front-line medical professionals, such as nurses and ER doctors, to quickly diagnose seizures and other brain function anomalies. The Grio team designed and built Ceribell’s FDA-approved cloud-based EEG system, the first of its kind. The Ceribell system is now used in clinical settings across the country to detect ongoing seizures, making EEGs more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective.

Grio designed and built the first of its kind medical IoT clinician web portal for Ceribell

Sutro Smart Device IoT App

  • Fullstack web, iOS, and Android app development

MySutro is an IoT app that works with a smart monitor to measure the free chlorine, alkalinity, pH, and temperature of pools and spas. Sutro is a CES honoree for Most Innovative Smart Home Technology. Grio has worked with Sutro to design and develop the underlying app software for web, iOS, and Android. Grio also provided full stack development from firmware to cloud on IoT devices, integrating a chatbot, adding marketing automation, and building a chemical recommendation platform.

Grio designed and developed Sutro's IoT device software, including chatbot, recommendation engine, and apps for web, iOS and Android

Percept Wearable Device App

  • Companion iOS and Android app development for a wearable device

Percept was founded in 2013 with the goal of advancing human vision, perception, and performance through technology. Percept came to Grio for help developing the MVP versions of their iOS and Android applications. Grio worked with the Percept team to understand their business goals and propose a solution that would be a companion to the Percept wearable device. Our team designed and developed beautiful and intuitive iOS and Android applications that connect to the user's wearable device.

Grio designed and developed the iOS and Android applications for bluetooth connected application

Daikin Comprehensive Design System

  • Design system creation for a leading global HVAC supplier

Daikin Industries, Ltd. is a leading innovator and global provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning and heating solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Grio was tasked with building a comprehensive design system that could be implemented efficiently and effectively by Daikin’s product development, marketing, and design teams. Design, product, and marketing projects have accelerated now that these teams no longer need to spend time sorting through multiple versions of brand assets, and the Daikin brand is represented consistently across platforms, without any compromise in performance or accessibility.

Grio built a comprehensive design system for Daikin's product development, marketing, and design teams.

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