Fintech Web and Mobile App Development

We take a user-centered approach to build fast, reliable, and secure fintech applications

At Grio, we understand the intricate needs of the ever-evolving fintech landscape, making us the perfect choice to design and develop your next cutting-edge financial technology application. From blockchain integration and digital wallet development to small business and accounting software, we've worked on a wide spectrum of Fintech applications. Read on for descriptions of just some of the Fintech apps Grio has built.

Capital One - Finance App UX, UI, Design & Development

  • Research-driven UX and visual design

Spark Business is a Capital One app that helps small businesses better manage their finances and banking needs. Grio collaborated with Capital One to design the application - providing direction in UX, visual design, strategy, planning, and process. Deliverables were heuristic evaluations, competitive analysis, persona development, MVP hypotheses, flow charts, wireframes, mockups, concept explorations, and prototypes. Grio also produced marketing site concepts, responsive designs, and a detailed style guide for Spark Business.

Grio led UI/UX design for Capital One's small business application

Gusto - Fintech Web and Mobile App Development

  • iOS and Android development for the #1 rated HR platform

Gusto helps teams hire, pay, and insure employees with their all-in-one people platform. Gusto’s web and mobile products offer features such as full-service payroll, hiring and onboarding, benefits management, talent management and much more. Grio team members embedded in Gusto teams, providing mobile software development assistance for Gusto and contributing to a wide range of iOS and Android initiatives.

Mobile iOS Android Development for the Gusto Payroll and Benefits Platform

Kleiner Perkins - CRM and Mobile App Design & Development

  • Design and development for a business intelligence application

Kleiner Perkins is a century old venture capital firm that needed their CRM overhauled. Grio designed and developed the Signals mobile app as a compliment to KP's CRM that allows trusted partners to have a direct path for information into this same pipeline. Grio integrated multiple business intelligence tools into the CRM and created an unstructured data intake mechanism to feed the information pipeline. Key triggers were surfaced for data consumers at all levels of the organization. The solution was integral to KP’s strategy and investment meetings, scheduling, deal flow, and decision making.

Mobile application design and development for the Kleiner Perkins Signals app

iCoin - Crypto Wallet iOS and Android App Development

  • iOS and Android applications for a crypto hardware wallet.

The iCoin Wallet System is an Air Gap digital wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The wallet uses a rear-facing camera to read and import the blockchain data required to create a transaction. Grio developed iOS and Android companion applications that pair with the hardware wallet, as well as a backend server that connects to crypto exchanges to check transactions and price fluctuations. Grio provided iOS and Android development for apps for consumer applications as well as architecting the blockchain communications between the apps and the hardware wallet. The iCoin Wallet System was released in 2022, and was named Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallet in 2023 by BraveNewCoin.

iOS and Android Development for iCoin Crypto Mobile App

Embroker - Insurance Dashboard and Forms UX Design

  • User experience design for a business insurance solution

Embroker is creating the modern solution for Business Insurance by providing a secure online platform to fill out business policies instead of the traditional paper way. Embroker came to Grio in search of a UX expert to improve the user experience of filling out their extensive set of forms. Grio designers created a dashboard for users to easily access their forms and track progress. Form design best practices were applied to each set of forms to maximize speed and efficiency.

UX Design for Forms and Dashboards for Embroker

Officewise - Branding, UX, Web Design & Development

  • Branding, UX & visual design and React development for a purchase order management system.

Officewise provides a cloud-based, back-office web application that simplifies the management of purchase orders, invoices, and inventory. Grio worked with Officewise to design a new brand identity (including logo) and the design and development of a new responsive marketing site. Officewise returned to Grio to design the client-facing portion of their product. We worked with them to iterate on dashboard designs and a number of complex forms that are required for inventory management.

Grio designed and developed the Officewise web application

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