Taming IOT


Case Study

IoT Registry


Neustar is an American technology company that provides real-time information and analytics for the Internet, telecommunications, entertainment, and marketing industries, as well as clearinghouse and directory services for the global communications and Internet industries. Neustar was looking for a creative partner to help them define a platform that would establish their company as a leader in the emerging market of Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

The Challenge

Create a bold new IoT architecture

Neustar wanted to leverage their existing capabilities as an authoritative registry by building out an IoT solution that would support a wide variety of industries and use cases. As part of this effort, they needed to architect a highly-scalable, secure, flexible, performant, and reliable cloud-based IoT platform. They needed a partner with a fresh perspective to help define the product, and a skilled development team to produce prototypes quickly.

Our Approach

Taming the abstract world of IoT

Grio’s first task was to get up to speed on Neustar’s vision. After several learning and brainstorming sessions, we were ready to lead product definition. To establish a set of flexible rules that would apply to a wide range of devices and use cases, we started from a simple foundation: developing a glossary of terms and getting buy-in from all stakeholders on their definitions. Next, we defined two simple use cases - “configuring a beacon” and “turning on a smart light” - to serve as basic tests for registry and command. With a rudimentary architecture in place, and the firmware team coding in parallel, we used an agile process to build out the registry system. Gradually, our initial prototype expanded into a working Java-based IoT registry that was secure, scalable, and flexible.

We had a hard problem that required product design and development help. We needed a company who could come in with a fresh perspective and hit the ground running. Grio implemented a very solid v1. Today we continue to benefit from their rich technical design documentation and thinking.”

Ryan Medlin
Director of Software Engineering

A groundbreaking IoT registry solution

Neustar’s registry solution has positioned the company as a leader in the IoT market. The Grio team provided extensive documentation, system plans, and a working platform that is ready to scale.