How We Work

We believe the best software is built through collaboration. We strive for seamless integration with every client, making frequent use of online and in-person meetings and adapting our process as needed to ensure success. We value transparency, flexibility, and partnership, and make it a priority to understand our clients’ business goals so we can provide strategic support and guidance.

  • A Team of Strategic Thinkers

    We’re a team of strategic thinkers, from individual designers and developers all the way up to our managers and partners. Strategy underlies all of our decisions, and we ensure that everyone working on a project is aligned around the same strategic business goals. We’ve completed hundreds of projects and helped many clients achieve and sustain incredible growth, and we share and apply the lessons we’ve learned to help each new client succeed.

  • Agile Methods and Close Collaboration

    We use an agile process based on one-week sprint cycles, daily team standups, and frequent correspondence with clients over Slack, via video conference, and in person. Most of our project teams are led by cross-functional “PMs” who have extensive experience in both project and product management. PMs define the product roadmap, manage tasks and timelines, act as client advocates, and keep everyone on the team aligned and on track.

  • Modern, Stable Technology

    We use open source software, automated tests, and a robust twelve-factor approach. We work primarily with technologies that are stable - popular, but not bleeding-edge - to ensure that the software we build is likewise stable and easy to maintain over the long term. Our current favorites include (but are not limited to): Swift for iOS, Kotlin and Java for Android, and RoR, Node, Java, React, Angular, MySQL, and NoSQL for web.

  • Versatile Design Expertise

    Our design team includes experts in UI/UX design, visual design, user testing, and prototyping. We maintain a strong focus on the user and user experience in all of our design work, and draw on a wide range of tools, techniques, and practices to meet the unique requirements of each project.